It’s no secret that keeping your home clean is possibly one of the most impossible tasks ever – especially if you share that space with other people. However, creating a tidy & organised home can be a lot easier to do than you may think!

Once you put some of the space-saving and tidy tips in place, you might just experience a happier, cleaner place – which is always more attractive to those potential buyers.

  1. Colour code

Colour coding your rooms is incredibly useful and really helps when it comes to organising your home. Get some matching storage boxes of different colors and decide what goes where, based on color. For example, you may put papers, books & stationary in a green box; electrical items & remote controls etc in a red box etc.

  1. Drawer organisers – a great invention

If you have several drawers full of junk that you can’t figure out if you actually use it or not, you’re not alone. Drawer compartments keep everything exactly where they need to be. Plus, organising your drawers will help you think about what you actually realistically use and need in your household.

  1. Shoe racks

Simple but effective. There’s nothing worse than inviting potential buyers into your home, only to trip over a pair of pumps on their way in through the door! Buy or create a shoe rack that matches your décor and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. A clear entrance and hallway makes a huge difference to first impressions.

  1. Maximise your storage options

There’s space to store household items everywhere, whether it’s under your bed or in your garage. Make sure to find these hidden spots and create their own little storage unit. Your home will thank you.

  1. Jars are all you need to keep your kitchen looking tidy

If you find that your pantry and cupboards are getting a little cramped, try moving things like sugar, flour, and coffee into clear jars that can be stored out on your countertops. Not only will these work as cool decoration for your home, but they also have a great function too!

If you are in need of some inspiration, motivation or unsure where to start in getting your property prepared for sale, give me a call on 0121 448 8080 and together we will get your home in order!

Melissa x


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