It now seems like a long time since the day you put your home on the market for sale. Thinking back to how you felt at the time, you probably had a mixture of emotions, in anticipation of getting lots of viewing requests and offers by now.

However, several weeks or even months have now slipped by and the few viewings you had at the beginning of the process have come to a halt and faded. You have now found yourself having the uncomfortable conversation with your agent, who is presenting you with all the reasons as to why you should drop your asking price.

So, what has gone wrong?

Here are my top five reasons why you haven’t sold so far, and what you can do to make a difference:


  1. You chose the wrong Estate Agent – are you convinced that your agent actually likes your house? Or you, for that matter?!  Having the right relationship with your agent makes a huge difference in the effort they will put in to getting your house sold. Agents are only human, after all, and if they don’t like you or your home, they aren’t exactly going to be motivated to help you move on.  Keep them onside, let them know how important this move is to you. Work hard to make sure your house always looks great, and the result will be a happy, motivated agent.


  1. Your house isn’t ready for viewings – take an honest, long, hard look at your house inside & out then ask yourself the question – is it really ready to go public? Or could it benefit from a little tidying up, de-cluttering and perhaps even a fresh lick of paint? Be honest with yourself, and then take immediate action to make some cosmetic improvements, giving those viewers a well-presented home that they can actually imagine themselves living in.


  1. You put it on the market at too high a price – were you swayed by an eager agent, filling you full of convincing facts about how much he/she could achieve for your house, despite what you knew deep down was a very optimistic figure?Launching your house on the market at too high a price can create problems down the line. The interest your house will get in those first few crucial weeks is directly correlated to the price you will ultimately achieve.  Get it wrong, and you risk putting those important buyers off, and perhaps losing them for good.  Price your property right, at the beginning, and you’ll get more interest along with offers you deserve.


  1. You launched at the wrong time of year – each home has a probable buyer, and each buyer has their own preferred time of the year to move.  For example, retirees tend to plan for a summer move, whereas lots of families move in spring or autumn.  Identify your probable buyers first and then launch your home at the best time of year for your buyer, not for yourself, and you have a better chance of getting viewings which progress to a sale.


  1. Your photography is unflattering – take a look at a list of properties on Rightmove – which images capture your attention? Is it the dark, slightly blurry ones taken on a slant? Or is it the brightly lit, well-composed shots that make you want to keep looking? Unflattering photographs will deter buyers from even looking at your advert, never mind booking a viewing.  Invest in good quality, professional photography and show your home at its very best online.


If you have read this post and believe you haven’t made any of these mistakes, then why not get in touch? I’ll let you know what I think, honestly and without obligation.

Or, perhaps you can now see where you have gone wrong. Want to have a chat about how we can put things right?

Give me a call on 0121 448 8080 or email me directly at: I’ll be happy to help.



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