Let People Picture Themselves Living In Your Home  

Most For Sale boards only feature an estate agent’s logo and contact details. This kind of board says: ‘here’s another homeowner that wants you to buy their home, please phone us so that we can get this home off our books and earn some more commission.’

A bespoke board tells a completely different story. A bespoke board says ‘Can you imagine having an opportunity to live in this dream property? Great, you just did, now you’re only a few short steps away from being able to live this dream. Call us today to begin the process of moving in.’

This incredible difference in message is created by the imagery on the board. If passers-by look at the board and see a beautiful, well-lit picture of your living room, full of welcoming space and cool cushions, they will immediate picture that setting as the background for their next natter with their friends. Some of our boards feature multiple pictures on, so that potential buyers can clearly envision their journey towards that meet-up with their friends, from walking through your home’s picturesque hall, to putting the kettle on in your spacious kitchen, to sitting down on your comfy sofas. You never know, pictures of your board could start appearing all over Instagram, delivering you immediate #ROI on agency fees.

Tell Them More About Your Home

Many of the questions which someone considering buying your home might ask regarding basic information and specifications can easily be answered on your ‘For Sale’ board, if the board’s design is bespoke, and contains enough space to tell potential buyers everything they need to know about your home. If someone walking past your home can immediately tick boxes they may have regarding the number of bedrooms or bathrooms they would like their future home to have, you’ve eliminated several mental barriers which may have been preventing them from viewing and making an offer for your home.

Save Yourself Time And Money

A colourful, bespoke ‘For Sale’ board will help to ensure that people who view your home are excited by it and have a genuine interest in buying it, as you are offering them an opportunity to acquire a home unlike any other in your area. A board that generates genuine enquiries will help your home to sell more quickly, protect you from viewings that turn out to be wastes of your time, and reduce the length of time (and amount you need to spend) marketing your home.

Boost Your Home’s Future Selling Prices

If your ‘For Sale’ board makes people walking past it phone your estate agent to arrange a viewing as soon as possible, demand to buy your home will skyrocket. You will then be able to handpick your buyer based not only on the size of their offer but based on how well you feel they would look after your home. That way the value of the home will only increase over time.

Motivate Your Neighbours To Boost House Prices Along Your Entire Street

If your entire street sees you selling your home for far more than you expected because of your bespoke ‘For Sale’ board; why would they take a different approach when selling their own homes? If everyone on your street takes the same approach as you, then demand for homes on your street will increase, and over time, so will your street’s average selling price. What’s not to love?


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