So, I went to carry out a property consultation (sales valuation) for a lovely lady in her 80’s. She has lived in her home for 40 years; which she bought as a first home with her late husband.

I spend 2.5 hours at her home in Sutton Coldfield. For 2 hours of that time, we sat and talked about her life, in particular her late husband and when they met.

She made me a cup of tea and brought me a heart cake & sweets 💕

She shared the story as though it was yesterday and as she shared, the sparkle in her eyes came alive.

She was feeling very distressed about selling her home, as although her health was changing and she needed a different style home, her current home holds so many precious memories for her and she felt guilty about leaving. We talked about love & memories and how we can hold them in our hearts and minds once we have physically moved on. She agreed.

We then discussed the value of her home and she hugged & kissed me and asked me to get the ball rolling. I left her home with a warm feeling inside, not because I had won the instruction, but because I had given her the time & reassurance she needed and left knowing that she had found comfort in the time I had spent with her.

Being honest, I didn’t set this business up knowing the importance of understanding our clients stories and how important it is to connect with them and where necessary make that additional time.
As the journey has progressed, I now know that our primary role is not to sell or let homes at all….it is to help people move on in life. Selling their home is just one piece of the pie. There are life lessons for us all, in everything we do

(Melissa Shervington)


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