You might live in the most wonderful house in the world. Your house will likely sell for a high price, particularly if it is in Sutton Coldfield, well presented and creatively marketed. However, if a prospective buyers’ first impression of your home is ‘why have I bothered visiting this mess,’ they will not be making the offer your home deserves. Here are 5 tips on how to prepare your home for viewings, so that prospective buyers will fall in love with the property on walking in.

Tidy The Drive

If a prospective buyer trips over a stray hoop on your drive and nearly sprains their ankle, they probably won’t make the effort to continue to the front door, let alone enter the property. Apart from this, it is important that the external presentation of your property mirrors its photographs in listings. As well as selling a property, you are also selling a lifestyle to prospective buyers. If their first impression of your home is disappointment, as it does not match up aesthetically to the home they thought they were visiting (and the lifestyle they thought they were buying into), you could lose the sale faster than you can say ‘hello would you like to buy my house?’


Trim The Hedges

Imagine the impression created if someone viewing your home for the first time has to pull back several inches of overgrown hedge as they search for a ‘for sale’ sign to reassure them that they are in fact in the right place, and not in a remote corner of the park. Simply trimming your hedge can colossally improve visitors’ first impressions of your home, and therefore increase the likelihood of their making an offer.


Don’t Obviously Cover Blemishes Up

Every house has blemishes, particularly older homes, which many people aspire to live in as they achieve success in their careers. If your house carries such a blemish, it is important to be honest about it with anyone viewing your home. Placing a chair covered in pillows in front of a mark on the wall will not fool anyone. More importantly, trying to hide aspects of your home from prospective buyers demonstrates a lack of respect for them and will lead them to seriously doubt whether they can trust you, and consequently whether they can buy from you. Mutual trust and honesty between buyers and sellers is key to every successful exchange.


Home Staging Is Key

Every home has something which makes it special. Ensure that this feature is one of the first things that prospective buyers see when they walk into your home. Whether you have an antique fireplace, or a spacious lounge, or a large kitchen, de-cluttering your space will allow the best attributes of your home to shine through in a viewing. Nobody wants to see a pile of dishes, last night’s pizza, or your Netflix viewing history, when they view your home. Taking advice from your estate agent on how to lay out your home so that it makes a great impression on visitors, is key to a successful sale.

Fresh Flowers Never Ruined A Viewing

Placing vases of fresh flowers on tables throughout your home will give-off a wonderful fragrance. Homes that smell nice sell. You want prospective buyers to struggle to leave your home. Flowers help no end. They also give you entire home a beautifully fresh aura.


By following these tips, you can make sure that visitors to your home always leave viewings seriously considering placing an offer, after seeing your home at its best.


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